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NERM Series 6-400 KVA Three Phase Output True Online Modular / Redundant COTS UPS


  • High input power factor (>0.99) with low input THD-i (<3%).
  • Low adaptability for linear and nonlinear load.
  • Low audible noise system design (<55db).
  • Double DSP controller for each individual power module.
  • Digital control for all major UPS subassemblies including rectifier,
  • inverter, battery charger, and battery discharge.
  • IGBT modules rather than discrete semiconductor components
  • Are used in the power module for high reliability.
  • Conformal coated boards for humidity resistance.
  • Built in PDU circuit breakers for cabinet AC input, AC output and maintenance bypass.
  • Digital paralleling technology with very low circulating current between power modules.
  • Front access cabinet with both top and bottom cable connections.
  • Each individual module is configured with an independent DSP controller to avoid single point of failure risk.
  • Generator-friendly interface.
  • RS232, RS485, and dry contacts all standard.


Nova Electric’s NERM-Series True Online UPS provides a modular backup solution for data centers, computer systems, and any other critical equipment which demands dependable backup power. The NERM’s state of the art design combines the latest IGBT three-level technology along with modern DSP Control for maximum reliability, low THD-i, and extremely high system efficiency. Modules can be stacked from 6 KVA to 400 KVA, offering hot-swappable flexibility with the highest quality, at a price you can afford. Power expansion is very simple to achieve by adding more individual power modules to the system, which can reach 200 KVA power in a single rack. Two racks can be paralleled for 400 KVA power!

Modular Hot Swap Design
Each UPS power module is designed to be hot swappable for hassle -free power expansion and system maintenance. Each module is controlled independently, thus avoiding a single point failure risk. If any individual module fails or disconnects, the system continues to operate and supply power without interruption, ensuring a high level of reliability
and protection.

Easy Operation and Installation
The modular flexibility of the NERM-Series UPS dramatically reduces technician time spent on installation and maintenance. A large touchscreen LCD panel ensures that users can quickly and easily access
vital information.

Intelligent Battery Management
Each UPS module contains a powerful 3.2 KW battery charger, and up to ten modules can be paralleled for 32 KW maximum battery charging capacity. These chargers are DSP controlled with intelligent digital
algorithms designed specifically to prolong battery life.

The Smart Protection System
Each individual power module and the overall system are protected by both hardware and software. Protection functions include abnormal current, incorrect input or output voltage, over temperature, and short circuit. The combination of these hardware and software protection functions results in extremely high reliability, with a very user friendly interface.

High Reliability Design
The low-loss integrated three-level IGBTs used in each NERM-Series power module result in higher efficiency and enhaced reliability due to lower heatsink temperatures.


  • Ruggedization against high shock, vibration and humidity
  • MS connector mates
  • Multiple output outlets
  • Chassis Slide Guides
  • Electromechanical transfer switch
  • Custom enclosures
  • 3Ø Power Input
  • Premium Wide-Temp Range VRLA batteries with up to 12 year life
  • “LIFE” models feature internal Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries with embedded Battery Management System for substantial weight savings and longer run time.
  • Additional run time via external batteries
  • 400 Hz input and / or output
  • CAD Free Connectors
  • Non-PVC wiring
  • 28 VDC Input
  • High IP Protection for front / rear panels (typically IP32,) including louvers on all intake and exhaust, as well as fully gasketed breakers, switches, and indicators.
  • AUX DC Outputs
  • RTCA/DO-160G Compliant Aircraft Grade Package
  • Power Distribution Units (PDUs)
  • Environmental Stress Screening Services