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Jupiter Series 10-450+ KVA True Online UPS Systems


  • Complete input to output Galvanic Isolation.
  • High frequency (almost silent) operation
  • Push button starting and stopping
  • Diagnostic panel with LCD and LED display
  • Soft start on inverter
  • Overload & and short circuit protection on charger and inverter
  • Maintenance free batteries
  • True Online operation
  • Solid state transfer switch standard at no additional charge
  • Maintenance bypass switch standard at no additional charge
  • All electronics are built in modular front-access cabinets and have front removable subassemblies for easy service and maintenance
  • Batteries may be built into units up to 20KVA
  • Automatic dual rate battery charger (float charge and boost charge)
  • FCC class A approved
  • Remote isolated dry relay contacts
  • Available options to meet military specs


Nova’s Jupiter-Series UPS Systems are high-reliability power sources specifically designed for demanding commercial, heavy industrial, and military applications. They can be built to meet MIL-STD-810, MIL-S-901, MIL-STD-167, MIL-STD-461, and other standards optionally. Standard models are three-phase input and output, and single-phase configurations are available upon request. Specialty frequencies including 400 Hz for aircraft are available upon request as well. These models utilize True On-Line technology and the most durable components, offering maximum field-proven reliability for severe environment and high reliability applications such as:

  • Military Applications: Including Shipboard, Submarine, Aircraft, Mobile Power Units, Shelters, Transportable Systems, Tactical Systems, Ground Support, and more
  • Heavy-Duty Industrial Applications
  • Demanding Commercial Applications
  • Communications Systems
  • MIL-STD-810
  • MIL-STD-461
  • MIL-S-901
  • MIL-STD-167



Specifications for the Nova Electric Jupiter-Series Three-Phase True Online UPS Series
PHASE 3-Phase Input / 3-Phase Output
KVA 10 20 30 40 50 60 80 100 120 160 240 300/320
Input Rectifier
Input Voltage (VAC) Please Specify 115/200, 120/208, 220/380,230/400, 240/415, or 277/480 WYE
220 3-Phase delta, 240 3-Phase delta, 380 3-Phase delta, or 480 3-Phase delta
Input Range +/- 20% (>+20% is available upon request)
Input Frequency 50/ 60 + 5Hz
Power Walk In 0% – 100% :20 sec
Voltage Regulation +/- 1%
Efficiency 98%
Rectification Type 6 Pulse Standard, 12 Pulse Optional 12 Pulse Standard
Battery Type Maintenance free lead-acid batteries/ 12V x 29pcs. (348 VDC Nominal)
Maximum Charge Current(Adc Selectable)LO,MED,HI 4 8 12 16 25 26 32 45 50 65 100 130
Battery Start Yes, UPS can be started without AC source.
Output Voltage (VAC) Please Specify 115/200, 120/208, 220/380,230/400, 240/415, or 277/480 WYE
220 3-Phase delta, 240 3-Phase delta, 380 3-Phase delta, or 480 3-Phase delta
Wave Form Sinewave
Output Power Factor 0.8
Frequency Lock Range 50 / 60 Hz +/- 3 Hz
Output Frequency (Free Running) 50 / 60 Hz +0.1 Hz (crystal controlled)
Output Power Factor 0.7 lead to lag
Phase Shift Under 100% Unbalanced Load <0.5%
THD (Linear Load)
< 2%
<110% Continuous
>110-125% Up to 15 minutes
>125-150% Up to 5 minutes
>150-170% Up to 30 seconds
>170-200% Up to 15 seconds
Efficiency (100% Load) 93% 93% 93% 93.5% 93.5% 94% 94.5% 94.5% 95% 95% 95% 95%
Voltage Range Same as Main Rectifier Input.(Different voltages are available upon request)
Mains <-> Inverter 0 ms (True Online)
Overload As per inverter rating plus >200% to 300% = 1 second
Overall Efficiency 91% 91% 91% 91.5% 92% 92% 92.5% 92.5% 93% 93% 93% 93%
Maximum Heat Dissipation (kw) 0.7 1.4 1.9 2.6 3 3.5 4.6 5.4 6.5 8.7 13 17.4
BTU/h @ Full Load 2.4K 4.8K 6.5K 8.9K 10.3K 12K 16K 19K 22K 30K 45K 60K
Audible Noise <65 dBA (at 1m) <67dBA (at 1m)
Temperature 0-40ºC (32-104ºF)(Other ranges available)
Humidity 0%-95% (Non-condensing)
Altitude <1500 m Above Sea Level
MTTR Less Than 30 minutes
IEC 62040-2 Yes for 220/380VAC 50Hz Models No
EN50091-1, -2 Yes
Short Circuit Protection Yes
MTBF As per MIL-HDBK-217: 30,000 Hours
As per Field Experience >100,000 Hours for loss of AC Output
Lightning / EMC Filter MOV / Input & Output ( FCC Class A)
Galvanic Isolation Input and Output True Galvanic Isolation
LED, LCD, Audible Alarm Yes
Remote Control and Communication Interface Choices Dry Contact, RS-232, RS-485 (Optional,) UPScan Monitoring 1~99 Units Simultaneously (Optional,) Netagent (Optional,) MODBUS (Optional)


  • The unit includes an RS232 communication option called UPSCOM which can monitor the output parameters and any abnormal conditions that have occurred in real time.


  • This will report all UPS parameters including input and output voltages, currents, frequency, battery voltage, battery current, and many other functions.


  • Real time status, data, and historical events are displayed via the LCD display. The UPS parameters, real-time clock, inverter, and buzzer can also be set through this LCD, which is backlit by LEDs for visual clarity.


LEDs representing all important operational information provide feedback to the user. LED descriptions are as follows:

  • UPS ON – UPS is running normally.
  • UPS SS – UPS static switch is on while the reserve static switch is opened (off).
  • SHORT CIRCUIT – UPS output is in short circuit state.
  • FUSE / OVERTEMP SD – UPS has shut down due to either fuse open or over temperature.
  • UPS FAIL SHUTDOWN – UPS has shut down due to low inverter AC output voltage.
  • BYPASS ON SHUTDOWN –UPS shut down due to closed bypass breaker. UPS shut down due closed bypass breaker (while inverter running).
  • HIGH DC SHUTDOWN – UPS shut down due to high DC bus.
  • OVERLOAD SHUTDOWN – UPS shutdown due to overload of the inverter for a period greater than the inverter can accept. The UPS will start after 7 seconds.
    70% LOAD – load connected to the output is over 70% of the Inverter rating.
    110% LOAD – load connected to the output is over 110% oh the Inverter rating.
    125% LOAD – load connected to the output is over 125% of the Inverter rating.
    150% LOAD – load connected to the output is over 150% of the Inverter rating.
  • RESERVE AC FAIL – reserve AC magnitude is out of range.
  • RESERVE FREQ FAIL – reserve frequency is out of range.
  • BATTERY LOW – DC bus (or battery) is lower than specified range, low battery shutdown will occur soon.
  • BATTERY LOW SHUTDOWN – inverter shutdown due to DC bus (or battery) lower than the acceptable DC voltage of the inverter.
  • HIGH DC – DC voltage over the acceptable DC voltage of the inverter.
  • EMERGENCY STOP – Inverter shut down activated by emergency stop switch.
  • DATA LINE – Blink when data is transmitted to or received from the communication port


When abnormal condition occurs, these LEDs will light to warn the user of the cause of the fault condition. These LEDs are:

  • RESERVE FAIL – Reserve AC input is abnormal either due to AC magnitude out of range or frequency out of range.
  • FUSE/TEMP – Either inverter fuse is open or over temperature has occurred.
  • OVERLOAD – Output is overloaded by over 110%, 125% or 150%
  • HIGH DC – This LED will light when DC input approaches high-line limit.
  • BAT LOW – This LED will light when the DC voltage is low.
  • BAT LOW STOP – This LED will light when the DC voltage is lower than specified range.
  • FAULT – The inverter is off due to abnormal conditions such as overload, short circuit, high DC, fuse over temperature, bypass breaker on emergency stop.


The audible alarm will beep under either one of the following conditions:

    > 110% beep once every 3 seconds
    > 125% beep once every second
    > 150% beep twice every second
  • INVERTER IS SHORT CIRCUITED – Beeps continuously
  • FUSE OPEN– Beeps continuously
  • HEAT SINK OVER TEMPERATURE – Beeps continuously
  • HIGH DC SHUTDOWN – Beeps continuously
  • BYPASS ON STOP – Beeps continuously
  • EMERGENCY ON STOP – Beeps continuously
    The buzzer will also beep once every time the inverter is switched on or off to acknowledge to the user that his key entry is valid and accepted.temperature, bypass breaker on emergency stop.



  • Battery Disconnect: The optional battery disconnect is offered to provide protection for the batteries.  The electrical code requires a disconnect near the batteries.  We will mount this disconnect inside the battery enclosure, if ordered.  This option is strongly recommended.
  • Ruggedization: Ruggedization is highly recommended for harsh environment applications, and includes conformal coating of the UPS’s PCBs to protect against humidity, condensation, and fungus growth. For military applications, we offer more structural ruggedization, as well as shock mounts, to comply with such standards as MIL-S-901, MIL-STD-810, and other demanding MIL-Specs. This option does not affect size or weight.
  • UPScan Remote Monitor Panel: This is a hand held remote display and control module with LCD and LED display that can monitor up to 99 UPSs at a remote distance of up to 3,000 feet via RS-485.
  • NETAGENT:  This provides capability to monitor the UPS over the internet.  It includes the appropriate additional SNMP card and microprocessor.  The software required is provided by Megatec at additional cost.  When equipped with this option, the user can connect a CAT-5 cable for interface to the external LAN.
  • DCMON:  This is a battery monitor module for all the batteries in each 29 battery string.  This feature can provide information on a defective battery before problems cascade to other batteries in the total battery bank.  Each battery’s condition is reported to a user viewable battery display unit which will tell the user the status of each battery. One display is required per each 29 battery string.
  • Complete Spare Parts Package: We offer a comprehensive spare parts package that includes one of each board, spare fuses, spare semiconductors, and spare fans.  These spare parts kits are priced lower when ordered with the initial order then if they are ordered later on.
  • Factory Turn-On Service: We offer a turn on service for a fee that will ensure the unit has been properly installed and the full warranty is in effect.  (Failures caused by incorrect installation are not covered by the warranty.)  If this option is selected, the customer will also automatically receive an additional 3 months added to the warranty at no additional charge.  This service is provided by factory engineers, not third party engineers. Pricing is dependent upon location, number of units, airfare rates, etc. Please contact us for more details if interested.
  • Customized EPO: This Emergency Power Off (EPO) Feature can be tailored to trip off current breakers or perform other inhibits per specific customer applications.
  • Shock and Vibration Mounts: A wide selection of mounts are available for compliance to MIL-S-901, MIL-STD-167, and other related standards.
  • Premium Wide-Temp Range VRLA batteries with up to 12 year life
  • Additional run time via external battery cabinets
  • Drip Shields for protection against falling or dripping liquids
  • AUX DC Outputs
  • 50/60 Hz Output Switch
  • Output Voltage Adjustment Knob +/-10%
  • UL1778 Certification (10-60 KVA 60 Hz Models Only)
  • Casters for Portability (22 Wide Models Only)
  • Power Distribution Units (PDUs)
  • Environmental Stress Screening Services


UL1778 (120/208 VAC, 60 Hz, 10-60 KVA Models Only)
IEC 62040-2 (for 220/380 VAC, 50 Hz Models except 320+ KVA)
FCC Class A

Jupiter-Series Models can be equipped with options to meet*:

MIL-STD-810 – for shock, vibration, humidity, and temperature
MIL-STD-167 – for vibration
MIL-STD-461 – for EMI
MIL-S-901 – for shock
MIL-STD-1399 – for shipboard power

*Compliance to these “designed to meet” standards based on similarity to previously qualified designs. Formal Qual Testing to these and other standards is available optionally.