PowerShield & Nova Electric

PowerShield’s partnership with Nova Electric, the world-class provider of Rugged AC Power Source products, extends the full PowerShield range to provide high-end products for Military applications.

Nova’s Rugged AC Power Sources have been successfully qualified to Military Environmental Standards such as MIL STD 461, MIL STD 810, MIL STD 1399, MIL STD 1275, MIL STD 704 and DOD 160, with some of their supplies still on full-time active duty after 40+ years in the field.

Robust construction and extremely high reliability are features inherent to Nova Electric’s products. With over 50 years of experience in the engineering design and quality manufacturing of truly Rugged AC Power Sources, Nova products are trusted by all of the major Defence Prime Contractors, all branches of the American DOD (and US-Friendly Defence Departments worldwide) and industrial firms in the most demanding applications in existence.

As a company that values quality and reliability, we are excited to be bringing Nova Electric's range of highly engineered rugged AC products to the Asia Pacific market, where we can extend the full capabilities of the local, professional sales and service team we are renowned for.
PowerShield Company Director

Why Choose PowerShield

Experience & Reputation

PowerShield have been providing power protection solutions, designed for harsh Australian conditions, for more than 20 years. Our dedication to providing solutions for every application has seen us become the leading Australian UPS supplier.

Local Sales & Support

Our local, professional sales and service support team are dedicated to quality and never-ending improvement. They take pride in the high standard of service they offer our customers and this, in today’s world, is appreciated by our wide portfolio of customers.

Best Quality Solutions

Our commitment to quality ensures that we provide only the highest-rated, technically engineered solutions. When the application requires a robust, compliant solution, we are able to meet specifications and exceed our customers expectations.

Our Team

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